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“তোমার জীবনের লক্ষ্য শুধুই অর্থ উপার্জন নয়, তোমার জীবনের প্রকৃত উদেশ্য পরমেশ্বর সেবা ও মনের শান্তি লাভ” - শ্রীরামকৃষ্ণ পরমহংসদেব


As wind removes the cloud, so the name of GOD destroys the cloud of worldliness... - Maa Sarada Devi

Inspired and enlightened by the divine lives and teachings of his great ‘guru’ Lord Shri Ramakrishna, the incarnation of God and his divine consort Holy Mother Shri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, the patriot saint of India, founded Ramakrishna Math and Mission at Belur on 1st May, 1897 which adopted as its motto the principle : “Atmano mokshartham jagaddhitaya cha” meaning ‘Liberation of the self through the service of the world.”

In course of time, the Ramakrishna Mission developed into a philanthropic organization of international name and fame extending its altruistic activities all across and around the world through a large number of branch centres. Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home, Rahara is one such major branch centre which came into being way back in 1944 (founded on 1st September of the year) under the able and active leadership of revered Swami Punnyananda, one of the disciples of very revered Srimat Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj, a direct disciple of Bhawan Shri Ramakrishna. The Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home initially started as an orphanage with 37 helpless and hapless boys rendered orphans during the great Bengal Famine of 1942-43.  Read More

The Holy Trio


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'' To become great, one must be humble. The tree laden with fruit always bends low. So if you wish to be great, be lowly & meek'' - Sri Ramakrishna Dev


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